• Gate Score:

    1. GATE-2000:73.59
    2. GATE-99:66.67
    3. GATE-98:Qualified
  • Awards:

    1. Invited to JAPAN for K-Supercomputer study tour, 2013
    2. Received donation grant form NVIDIA for CUDA Teaching and Research, 2013
    3. Felicitated with IBM TGMC-2010 DRONA award by IBM Academic initiatives
  • Resource Person:

    1. Invited speaker for Expert Talk on "Clustering : Techniques, Tools and Algorithms", in One Week Short Term QIP Programme on Data Mining with R, during 5th March - 11th March, 2017 at VJTI, Matunga Mumbai.
    2. Invited speaker for Expert Talk on "Scalable Computing in Big Data Analtytics" Sinhagad Institute Technology, Pandharpur.
    3. Delivered an Expert Lecture on "Association Rule mining" in Two Week AICTE-STTP Workshop on "Intelligent Multimedia Data Warehouse and Data Mining" at V.J.T.I., Matunga, Mumbai.
    4. Delivered a Lecture on "Functional Modeling" in Two Day Workshop on "Object Oriented Analysis and Design" at V.J.T.I., Matunga, Mumbai.
    5. Delivered a Lecture on "Internet Protocol" in an ISTE-STTP on Modern Computer Networking at I.OP.E., Dr. B.A.T.U, Lonere.
    6. Delivered a Lecture on "Application layer of TCP/IP stack" in an ISTE-STTP on Campus Wide Area Networking at I.O.P.E., Dr. B. A. Technological University, Lonere
    7. Visiting faculty for "Computer usage in Library" a course of B.Lib programme, Goregaon Division, Yashwantrao Chavan Open University, Nashik.