No. of Publication in Journal: 19

Sr. No Title of Paper Year of publication
1. Real-Time Cognitive Evaluation of Online Learners through Automatically Generated Questions 2021
2. Understanding Deep Learning: Case Study Based Approach 2021
3. High-Performance Computing: A Deep Learning Perspective 2021
4. Machine learning on high performance computing for urban greenspace change detection: satellite image data fusion approach 2020
5. PARBAC: priority-attribute-based RBAC model for azure IoT cloud 2020
6. Deep Learning Techniques for Geospatial Data Analysis 2020
7. Parallel kNN on GPU architecture using OpenCL 2014
8. Parallel and Scalable Rules Based Classifier using Map-Reduce Paradign on HADOOP Cloud 2014
9. Scalable frequent itemset mining using heterogeneous computing: ParApriori algorithm 2014
10. On the fly Porn Video Blocking using Distributed Multi-GPU and Data Mining Approach 2014
11. Performance Efficient DNA Sequence Detection on GPU Using Parallel Pattern Matching Approach 2014
12. Different rainfall prediction models and general data mining rainfall prediction model 2013
13. A survey on parallelization of data mining techniques 2013
14. Study of Data Mining algorithm in cloud computing using MapReduce Framework 2013
15. Association Rule Mining for finding correlations among people 2013
16. An Approach for System Scalability for Video on Demand 2011
17. Image Compression Using Partitioning Around Medoids Clustering Algorithm 1 2011
18. Kingdom of living thing in the linaean classification System using genetic algorithm based Backpropagation neural network 2005
19. Classification of soil using genetic algorithm based Backpropagation neural network 2005

No. of Publication in Conferences: 7

Sr. No Title of Paper Year of publication
1. Enhancing privacy and security in medical information with AES and DES 2020
2. Experimental Survey of Geospatial Big Data Platforms 2018
3. Extended ECDSR protocol for energy efficient MANET 2015
4. Implementing Joins over HBase on Cloud Platform 2014
5. Super-fast parallel eigenface implementation on GPU for face recognition 2014
6. Implementing adaptive and dynamic data structures using CUDA parallelism 2014
7. Modeling rainfall prediction using data mining method: A Bayesian approach 2013